Biden’s China Meeting Left Out COVID

( For the first time in five years, President Joe Biden and Chinese tyrant Xi Jinping met in person on Monday in Bali, Indonesia. Xi and Biden spent a lot of time together while they were vice presidents, but Biden said he hadn’t seen him in person in a while.

Biden continued, “I believe there’s little alternative for face-to-face discussions,” referring to their “candid” relationship.

To handle their continuous “competition” as nations, he expressed the hope that China and the United States will collaborate on issues such as climate change and food shortages on a global scale.

“If that’s what you want, the United States is willing to cooperate with you,” Biden added.

However, neither leader brought up the coronavirus outbreak that originated in China during their opening statements, which caused them to spend so much time apart. Biden and Xi last interacted in person at the 2017 World Economic Forum in Davos five years ago.

Xi has only traveled abroad twice since the coronavirus pandemic. China continues to impose stringent lockdowns in several of its largest cities to stop the virus from spreading.

Although Xi acknowledged that the globe was facing difficulties, he concentrated on the situation between China and the United States.

He declared that humanity was facing “unprecedented difficulties.” He said the world is at a turning point. The question of where to go next is one that all nations are considering.

Xi also referred to the 50-year history of China-US relations, stressing that both nations had developed and learned from their experiences.

Even while the White House has repeatedly retracted the president’s words, China has continued to take a more aggressive stance against Taiwan, and Biden has indicated that the United States would be willing to assist in defending the nation.

Taiwan is a sovereign, democratic nation free from Chinese sovereignty off the coast of China.

During his two-hour speech to the Communist Party of China’s National Congress, Xi stressed the need for Taiwan to accept Chinese authority over their nation.

However, Xi used more conciliatory words when making his opening statements alongside Biden and omitted to mention Taiwan.

He continued by saying, “I look forward to working with you, Mr. President, to put China-U.S. ties back on the path of healthy and steady growth for the benefit of our two nations and the world as a whole.”