Biden’s Daughter And Wife Sanctioned By Russia

( Russia expanded its “stop list” of those who are prohibited from entering the country to include both First Lady Jill Biden and her daughter. The list began earlier this month when the Russian Foreign Ministry released a blacklist against defense officials and journalists from the United Kingdom for spreading “Russophobia in British society.”

Russia accused London of aiding Ukraine and Nazis with £750 million in weaponry, including anti-tank gun missiles, armored vehicles and air defense systems.

The foreign ministry reportedly said that their actions to include the first lady and her daughter come at a time when aggression toward Russia is increasing. The move is “a response to the ever-expanding U.S. sanctions against Russian political and public figures.” The Russians included Mitch McConnell on that list.

The move came alongside NATO’s decision to add Sweden and Switzerland to the alliance and alongside the G7 summit that includes the top democracies of the world. The summit released a joint statement condemning Russia’s recent military operation of Ukraine that resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians after a missile hit a mall in the city of Kremenchuk.

In an address to the summit, President Biden said that “an attack on one is an attack on all,” committing America in that statement when referring to the unity of Western countries.

Russia noted the amount of sanctions placed on them from the United States that have targeted his family and other oligarchs in the country, that resulted in the seizure of their assets. Recently, Biden’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, was caught on a hot mic revealing that the yachts seized from Russian oligarchs are costing American taxpayers just to maintain them.

“I know. It’s so ridiculous, but you know what the craziest thing is? When we seize one, we have to pay for upkeep,” he said.

China and Russia have grown even more frustrated at the recent NATO development, with China now blaming America for aggravating tensions in the conflict.