Biden’s “Off The Record” Meeting Is Downright Chilling…

( The Biden administration is well aware of the economic mess developing since the Russians invaded Ukraine. In response, they met with top executives in varying industries to discuss the dismal picture.

Reports say that Biden’s inner circle at the White House met with CEOs from across multiple sectors, especially the food, financial, and energy industries, to discuss “off the record” the devastating effect the Russian-Ukraine war and the sanctions that followed has had on the state of the economy.

The companies attending included ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Marathon Petroleum, JPMorgan Chase, Visa, Bank of America, Land O’ Lakes, Dow Chemical, and U.S. Steel.

The meeting was not on Biden’s schedule. The secret meeting took place right before a quarterly meeting of a Business Roundtable gathering.

On the agenda was a discussion of the Ukraine crisis and his “plans to lower prices.”

He focused on working families, creating good-paying union jobs, and tackling the climate crisis,” according to his docket.
A record of the subsequent secret meeting confirmed that Biden was briefly in attendance. According to the minutes, white house officials assured the attendees of the Administration’s commitment to imposing heavy sanctions on Putin to weaken Russia’s war machine.
They expressed a desire to support the people of Ukraine while addressing the price increases Putin’s actions have caused domestically.
JPMorgan and Visa stopped doing business in Russia earlier this month.
ExxonMobil committed to joining other massive oil and gas companies like BP and Shell in pulling out of the Russian energy sector.
The briefing took place as inflation soared to a record high in February. The Consumer Price Index announced a nearly 8% year-over-year increase, the most significant yearly increase in 4 decades.
Food prices rose 7.9%. Energy rose 25.6%. There was a 38% increase in gasoline.
The Producer Price Index hit another record high of 10% year-over-year, also the most significant increase in 4 decades.
Biden is sent to his podium with his talking points, blaming Russia for the inflation spike. He embarrassingly dubs it, “Putin’s Price Hike.”
No one but the true believers are buying it. Inflation and oil prices were rising way before the invasion of Ukraine.
This is “Biden’s Mess.”