Biden’s Reckless Behavior Could Reshape 2022 Landscape, Report Finds

( Political analysts believe that Joe Biden’s cataclysmic withdrawal from Afghanistan won’t just tank his presidency; it will have a ripple effect that could completely upend the Democrat Party’s hopes of retaining control of the House and Senate.

Then again, you don’t need to be a political analyst to see that.

Traditionally, a first-term President’s party suffers losses in the midterm elections. And given the sheer number of both domestic and foreign policy disasters Biden has racked up in less than eight months, the chances Democrats can avoid that same fate in 2022 grow seems very unlikely.

Biden’s biggest campaign selling point – that he will restore America’s standing in the world – has been proven to be sa manifest lie. With the President’s utter failure in Afghanistan, America’s strongest allies who cheered his election to office are now turning on him.

The UK Parliament voted to hold Joe Biden in contempt. The other G7 allies, who just in June were celebrating the return of American diplomacy, are seething with frustration and anger over Biden shutting them out of the decision-making process in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, China is gloatingly mocking the US for being a weak power, all but daring America to stop them from invading Taiwan.

Russia and China are working to squeeze the US out of Central Asia – urging nations neighboring Afghanistan to refuse to allow the US to operate counter-terrorism bases from their countries.

America has lost the trust of its allies and earned mocking scorn from our enemies.

And on top of it all, hundreds, maybe thousands of Americans will be abandoned and stranded in Afghanistan as the Biden Administration quickly shuts down operations at Kabul airport in order to keep to the President’s arbitrary August 31 deadline.

And worse still, now thirteen US servicemembers are dead because President Biden put his trust in the Taliban to secure the Kabul airport, and terrorists easily made it through.

Biden’s approval numbers, already inching downward before the fall of Kabul, have been in freefall ever since. But it isn’t just his bungling of Afghanistan that is driving his approval downward. The persistent inflation, bad economic news, the resurgence of COVID cases and the return of pandemic-era restrictions and mandates are all adding to his cratering support.

Add to that the Democrats in Congress blindly moving forward on deeply unpopular legislation against the will of the people, and the 2022 Midterms is poised to be an even bigger rout than the 2010 Tea Party Revolution.