Biden’s Sick Policies Helped Child Sex Offenders!

( President Joe Biden is at the center of yet another sex scandal, but this time he isn’t being accused of sexually assaulting a staffer during his time in the Senate. Though, it’s just as serious.

According to retired ICE special agent Victor Avila, who recently gave an interview to Steve Bannon on his “War Room” show, the Biden administration has shut down a program specifically designed to deport child rapists and keep children safe from sexual predators.

This is probably one of the worst kind of sex scandals there is.

“They are absolutely are being handcuffed,” Avila told Bannon, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, on Wednesday. “Interior enforcement has basically shut down.”

Avila described how the Biden administration shut down a program known as “Operation Talon,” which was put in place by the Trump administration. Avila said that the program saw ICE officials locating illegal aliens who are convicted of sex crimes, including crimes against children, and deporting them.

“These are illegal aliens convicted of child trafficking, child pornography, child molestation, child rape, and they want to go get them off the streets and deport them,” he told Bannon. “But the Biden administration put an end to that and is not allowing ICE to go after these individuals.”

What excuse does President Biden have to end an operation of this kind, other than to spite former President Donald Trump?

Avila said that if government agencies couldn’t go after them, the “worst of the worst,” then he doesn’t know is being prioritized by the new administration.

Avila also discussed the issue of Mexican cartels with Bannon, describing them as “worse than ISIS.”

He shared exclusive footage of a shootout that took place between cartels in Mexico and said that they effectively control the country and operate across the United States.

Meanwhile, the number of illegal aliens crossing the southern border into the United States is nearing record levels, with some 100,000 aliens apprehended by Border Patrol in February alone. That number only appears to be rising, and the crisis has become so bad that the Biden administration just pledged $86 million in taxpayers’ funds to pay for hotels for illegal aliens coming over the border.

Do you think Biden voters wanted him to give free hotel rooms to illegal aliens and let child rapists roam the streets?