Biden’s Transition Team Chair Backs TERM LIMITS For Supreme Court

( Ted Kaufman, the head of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s transition team, has signed a public letter that endorses the implementation of term limits for Supreme Court Justices. It comes as both Biden and his vice-presidential pick Senator Kamala Harris refuse to answer the question of whether or not they would pack the Supreme Court.

The letter, which was published last week, was written in support of a bill introduced by Democratic California Rep. Ro Khanna, who is a staunch supporter of radical socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. The bill proposes a way to “democratize” the court – or, in plain English, to stop President Donald Trump’s three appointed judges from sitting on the court for a whole lifetime. The H.R. 8424 bill, known as the Supreme Court Term Limits and Regular Appointments Act, was introduced following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Democrats scrambled to propose new legislation, knowing that President Trump had plenty of time to move forward on nominating a third Supreme Court justice. The so-called “democratization” of the courts, proposed by Democratic legislators, bypasses the entire point of the judiciary not being political and would negate the 6-3 majority held by conservative judges who interpret the United States Constitution literally.

“We are pleased that a formal legislative proposal to limit future justices to 18 years of high court service has been introduced and is advancing public discourse on court reform,” the letter reads.

Kaufman, who signed the letter, is a former Delaware senator and described in the letter as a legal scholar. The former senator has not, however, provided any legal explanation for why he supports reforming the Supreme Court after it has been in its current form since the formation of the United States.

Biden has faced intense scrutiny over his position on packing he Supreme Court. The former vice president has previously called it a “bonehead” idea, but when pressed on the issue just two weeks ago, he told the media that he would tell people his opinion after the election.


Since then, Biden and his campaign have promised to form a “bipartisan commission” tasked with coming up with alternatives to replace the Supreme Court with, should he win on November 3.