Big Media’s Coverage Of Trump Exposed

( News Busters, the media wing of the Media Research Center, just published an incredible video showing how the media covered the border crisis under Joe Biden, and former President Donald Trump’s handling of the border crisis handed to him by former President Barack Obama.

The report described how television journalists “spent the past week running cover for President Biden as his administration struggled to manage the migrant surge at the border.” The outlet added that journalists were “frequently reminding viewers that the border posed a ‘difficult’ and ‘complex’ problem.”

It can’t be that difficult or complex if former President Donald Trump managed to keep it under control for several years.

The video that accompanies the report shows how the media had “endless venom” for President Donald Trump and the so-called “kids in cages,” referring to the children of illegal aliens or those smuggled over the border by human traffickers. Under the Biden administration, those “cages” are filled with thousands of illegal aliens with many children being held beyond the legal time limit.

That didn’t happen under President Trump.

Take a look at this incredible video they just published.

Doesn’t that make you mad?

While President Donald Trump inherited a border crisis and drastically brought the number of illegal crossings down through a combination of his border wall and the “Remain In Mexico” policy, which stopped asylum seekers entering America and never turning up for their day in court, the American press now claims President Biden inherited a mess from President Trump.

But under President Biden, over 100,000 illegal aliens were apprehended in February alone, and that number keeps increasing.

MRC noted that on March 15, Kasie Hunt argued on MSNBC that “Obviously, this is a problem that the Biden administration inherited from the Trump administration.”

Which is, obviously, a lie.

The same day, the outlet said, CNN foreign correspondent Lucy Kafanov claimed that the Biden administration was doing its best despite the odds being stacked against them.

“There’s no denying that this is an incredibly complex humanitarian issue that’s of course, made even more difficult by the fact that we’re dealing with this in the midst of a pandemic,” Kafanov said.

Meanwhile, Republicans are urging Biden to revert to Trump-era policies that had the problem under control. Senator Tom Cotton told Fox News last week that Biden could end the crisis if he re-implemented the Remain in Mexico policy and restarted construction on the wall.

And it would probably help if Biden stopped promising amnesty to every illegal alien, too…