Bill Barr Publicly Turns On Donald Trump In Ultimate Act Of Betrayal

( Former Attorney General William Barr, who served during the. Trump administration, has reportedly turned on the former president in a new book. Barr allegedly claims that former President Trump “has neither the temperament nor persuasive powers” of a leader and that the GOP should now “look forward” to finding new candidates in future presidential races.

It will likely come as a shock to many Republicans who long considered Barr to be an ally of the former president and his Make America Great Again agenda.

Barr said that the country needs leaders who are capable of fighting and “punching” but who are also able to persuade and attract people.

“Leaders who can frame, and advocate for, an uplifting vision of what it means to share in American citizenship,” he said.

The excerpts of the book were seen and shared by The Washington Post, and its title is “One Damn Thing After Another.” The book reportedly explains some of the incidents that took place behind the scenes during the Trump administration, particularly during the outbreak of COVID-19 and into the 2020 election campaign.

When Barr left his position in December of 2020, most reports seemed to indicated that it was an amicable parting of ways. However, his decision to tell the Department of Justice that he had not seen any evidence of widespread voter fraud in the election angered many conservatives who had seen it with their own eyes.

From conservative vote-counting watchers being refused access to watch votes being counted, to the damning evidence of voter fraud detailed by the Voter Integrity Project and Matt Braynard, it was hard for many Republicans to forgive Barr for his comments.

And now, this book is about to make Barr even less popular than when he wrongly claimed that former President Donald Trump incited rioting on Capitol Hill on January 6.