Bill Barr Runs To Liberal Washington Post As Fast As He Can Amid Reports Exposing Him

( Last week, former President Donald Trump released a letter he received from William McSwain, the former US attorney of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. In the letter, McSwain wrote that Attorney General William Barr had instructed him not to make any public statements or put out any press releases regarding possible voting irregularities in Pennsylvania during the 2020 election.

Instead of investigating any allegations of voter fraud, McSwain told Trump that AG Barr instructed him to pass on any serious allegations to the State Attorney General for him to investigate.

Pennsylvania Attorney General, Democrat Josh Shapiro, famously declared prior to the November election that there was no way President Trump would be winning Pennsylvania.

In his letter, McSwain told President Trump that he didn’t agree with Barr’s decision, but as a former Marine infantry officer, he felt bound to follow AG Barr’s orders even if he didn’t agree with them.

McSwain also told Trump that he planned to run for Governor of Pennsylvania.

Currently in the State Senate efforts are underway to conduct a full forensic audit of some Pennsylvania counties. However the Pennsylvania Secretary of State along with AG Shapiro are urging counties not to cooperate with the Senate’s request for documents and materials.

This week, the Washington Post interviewed William Barr and got his response to McSwain’s letter to Trump.

In the interview, Barr disputed how McSwain characterized his actions, adding that McSwain had told him that he sent this letter to Trump in order to get the former President to endorse his potential run for Pennsylvania governor.

Barr said that any suggestion that he told McSwain to “stand down” from investigating allegations of fraud is false. “It’s just false,” Barr repeated.

Barr told the Washington Post that he called McSwain on Monday to complain about this letter. And according to Barr, McSwain said “he was in a tough spot” because he hoped to run for Governor and needed Trump to at least remain neutral if not offer his endorsement.

For his part, McSwain disputed Barr’s account of their conversation. Instead, McSwain told the Washington Post that he wrote the letter to Trump because he believes in transparency, adding “The more people who know the facts, the better.”