Bill Barr Says It’s Time To Investigate The Possible Leaker At Supreme Court

( Former US Attorney General Bill Barr believes a special counsel might be appointed to prosecute the leaker behind the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.

Barr suggested on Tuesday’s broadcast of The Megyn Kelly Show that the Supreme Court Marshal’s inquiry may not be adequate to uncover the perpetrator.

Megyn Kelly seemed doubtful about the Court Marshal Inquiry, and she questioned former AG Barr about its effectiveness. She covered the Supreme Court for several years as a reporter, and she didn’t think that it would sway the leaker, or anyone around the leaker, to confess any knowledge.
Kelly then asked Barr about the CBS report, which claimed the FBI might be looking into the identity of the leaker. She wanted to know what Barr thought would happen next and who would be in charge.
Barr explained that Chief Justice Roberts would have had the option of appointing a special counsel, and perhaps he still does. Not in the traditional criminal sense, but the court can appoint counsel and bring in a former United States attorney or someone else with a legal background. Barr believes the FBI and other law enforcement agencies would support the Chief Justice if need be.
Megyn Kelly pressed further. She wondered if there was any confidence in the ability to discover who leaked the document. Barr replied that there might be a need for a grand jury to do that, which describes a criminal case.

Kelly seemed surprised at his answer. “Wow! Why?” She asked.
“To compel the truth,” Barr replied. Kelly then asked if someone would lie to a marshal but not to a prosecutor. “Perhaps,” Barr answered.
Later in the interview, Megyn Kelly asked the former AG if the leak was a crime. Barr responded that It may be interfering with the administration of justice and the right to a fair trial. But Kelly wondered if that was a stretch. Barr didn’t think it was. He replied, “Obstruction means you’re attempting to influence through some kind of wrongdoing. I don’t think it’s a stretch. ”