Bill Barr Sparks Outrage In Latest Development

( Former Attorney General Bill Barr appears to have accomplished what President Joe Biden promised, but couldn’t deliver – Barr is uniting both the Right and the Left, but only in their loathing of him.

After the Atlantic published an excerpt from a new anti-Trump book “Betrayal” by ABC News’ Jonathan Karl in which Barr called President Trump’s allegations of voter fraud “bullshit,” both Right and Left had reason to be angry at him.

Angry Leftists saw Barr’s post-Trump revelations as a craven attempt to rehabilitate his image after spending two years “politicizing” the DOJ on behalf of the President.

Those on the Right were furious with Barr for what they view as his stabbing Donald Trump in the back.

According to the excerpt in the Atlantic, Barr told Jonathan Karl that while he had given his approval for prosecutors to look into allegations of voter fraud, but in the end there was nothing there. Barr went on to say that President Trump’s claim about voting machines switching votes “was just bullshit.”

Barr also told Karl that Senator Mitch McConnell urged him to speak with the President and get him to stop making claims about election fraud. McConnell’s concern, Barr explained, was that the allegations would damage both the Republican Party and the country. Of primary concern to McConnell was Trump’s complaints about fraud would adversely affect the January 5 runoff Senate election in Georgia.

According to Karl’s book, Barr did meet with President Trump where he asked him to cool it with the voter fraud allegations. In his account in Karl’s book, Barr said President Trump grew angry with his AG and asked “how the f**k could you do this to me?”

Unsurprisingly, President Trump released a statement last week attacking Barr, not just for his inaction on voter fraud, but also on failing to follow through with the investigation into the former Obama people who spied on his campaign.

For those on the Left, Barr’s admissions are too little too late. To them, nothing Bill Barr does will ever change their mind that he was nothing more than a Trump lacky who politicized the DOJ.

Meanwhile, for Trump supporters, the revelations in Jonathan Karl’s book are nothing short of betrayal.

But for Liberal law professor and straight-shooter Jonathan Turley, both views of William Barr are incorrect. Turley told the Hill that Bill Barr has never been concerned with how he is portrayed by his critics. Instead, Turley said, Barr has “an interest in establishing the facts for history.”

Turley concluded by saying “History is likely to be far kinder to Bill Barr than to his critics.”