Bill Clinton Returns To White House For Meeting With Biden

( It was reported on Monday that former President Bill Clinton visited the White House where he shared lunch with President Joe Biden.

Outgoing White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the meeting, telling reporters that the handsy former president and the handsy current president had a “wide-ranging discussion.” Psaki also pointed out that Biden and Clinton had “a number of conversations” before Monday and in one of those conversations a few weeks ago, the pair had discussed the possibility of meeting for lunch.

Sure, Joe can’t follow through on his promise to hold weekly private lunches with his own Vice President, but he can arrange lunch with ragged, old Bill.

Psaki told reporters that the president also had lunch with former President Barack Obama just last week.

How much do you want to bet that the former presidents are using those lunches to explain to old Joe that he has to give up his quixotic dream of running again in 2024?

One thing is certain. Bill and Barack weren’t coming to discuss policies or agenda with the decrepit old man.

First of all, Joe isn’t the one in charge of the Biden administration’s agenda.

Second, with Joe Biden’s brain turning to scrambled eggs, the chance that he could remember the details of any policy discussions is slim.

With Democrats facing electoral catastrophe in November, not to mention the grim reality that Biden will be 80 in 2024, Bill and Barack would want to do everything possible to ensure that Joe Biden isn’t a liability.

They want Congress and the White House to remain in Democrat control. And that means making sure the senile old man in the White House gets out of the way.