Bill Gates Agrees With Trump, Says Kids Should Return to School “In Almost Every Location”

( Microsoft founder Bill Gates has publicly thrown his weight behind President Donald Trump’s call for schools to reopen, saying hat the “benefits outweigh the costs.” The multi-billionaire tech innovator and philanthropist said on Tuesday that children under the age of 13 should return to school “in almost every location.”

In an interview aired by CNBC on Tuesday, Gates explained his reasoning.

“I’m a big believer that for young children, the benefits in almost every location – particularly if you can protect the teachers well – the benefits outweigh the costs,” he said.

Gates said that he believes there is a “good chance” that we will see a “substantial reduction” in the death rate over the coming months as a result of improves therapeutic treatments and drugs.

“You can see the therapeutic benefit faster than the protective benefit,” he said. “So I think there’s a good chance we’ll have substantial death rate reduction by the end of the year with the combination of those new tools.”

Earlier in July, President Donald Trump told the media that he believed if schools do not reopen soon, then the funding given to the schools should go to parents instead.

Young people, particularly children, are the least likely to be impacted severely by the Chinese coronavirus. Since the beginning of the outbreak, scientists and health professionals recognized a trend of older people being more likely to contract the virus and exhibit symptoms. Children are significantly less likely to contract the virus or, if they do, are less likely to experience symptoms or die from it.

As Gates says, as long as the teachers are protected, it isn’t highly likely that children will be in real danger when attending school. The benefits of children being able to continue their education and develop their social skills at school, to most parents, will outweigh any potential costs.