Bill Maher Finally Says Cancel Culture Has Gone Too Far

( The very Liberal Bill Maher has been one of the most vocal opponents to the far-Left outrage mob and its embrace of cancel culture. Unlike most Liberals, Maher doesn’t shrink from calling out the insanity that has gripped the Left over the last decade.

On his HBO show last weekend, Maher once again hammered cancel culture, comparing the Left’s purges to Stalin’s Russia — this time taking aim at the “woke Olympics.”

Maher cited instances of Olympic Committee officials getting fired for things they’ve said or done, adding “This is called a purge. It’s a mentality that belongs in Stalin’s Russia.” He asked how bad the atmosphere has to become before people who claim the talk of cancel culture is overblown will admit that it is “an insanity that is swallowing up the world?”

Maher has been consistent in his criticism of the outrage mob and its penchant for destroying others.

Back in June, Maher went on a tear over Leftists forcing apologies out of someone for committing some perceived “crime” that isn’t a crime and deserves no apology.

During his show Maher pointed out a poll that showed Latino voters are beginning to side more with the political right than the political Left. And Maher blamed this shift on the perpetually offended “Woke Left.”

To give an example of how the Woke Left is turning people off, he cited the release of a film based on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony award-winning Broadway musical “In the Heights.”

Despite the fact that Miranda is a Liberal Democrat in good standing – the darling of Democrat luminaries like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and everyone else with a D after his name – Woke Leftists on social media attacked Mirando claiming that the movie version of his “In the Heights” didn’t include a sufficient number of dark-skinned Latinos among its cast.

Fuming that “nothing is ever good enough for these people,” Maher said these woke Leftists were harming the Democrat Party.

But the truth is, Maher’s battle against cancel culture isn’t a “red pill.” He isn’t turning on the Democrats, and he still despises the Republicans. Instead, what Maher is trying to do is save the Democrat Party from the Woke Leftists who are hurting its chances to win elections.