Black Lives Matter Rioters Invaded The Capitol

( Democrats might soon need to walk back their claims that the January 6 Capitol Riots were a violent insurrection, now that Black Lives Matter protesters invaded the Oklahoma Capitol building while the state House of Representatives were in session.

It’s exactly what happened in Washington, D.C. on January 6, and so far the national media and the Democrats are ignoring it – presumably because they know if more people knew about it, their hypocrisy would be exposed.

Video clips and photographs show how protesters in Oklahoma on April 21 poured into the Capitol building and filled a gallery on the fifth floor, chanting “Black Lives Matter” as the state legislators were in session.

Because of their intimidating behavior, the House was forced to go into lockdown – and not the COVID kind of lockdown – to protect legislators from potential violence.

And despite this happening, and the video clips being widely shared online, the national media has been virtually silent about it.

Take a look at the video below and you’ll see how one male rioter put his face right up to a lawmaker’s face in the gallery – in what appeared to be an extremely threatening manner – during a “verbal confrontation.”

The aggressive male was eventually pulled away by a female rioter, at which point the male rioter began shouting, “You’re a disgrace!” to the politician.

Can you imagine what CNN would have said if rioters had broken into the House chamber and gone face-to-face with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (or any Democrat for that matter) and shouted what he shouted?

All it took was roughly two dozen protesters to cause so much intimidation and fear that the session had to be ended and legislators protect against violence. And it was all in the name of anti-police rhetoric.

The protesters were eventually taken away by Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and a drug dog was taken into the building to ensure that nothing was “left behind” by the protesters.

The rioters claimed that they were also opposing “anti-protest and anti-transgender bills” that were being advanced through the Republican-controlled Oklahoma House and Senate.

If America has a problem with political violence, Democrats might want to stop looking away from pro-police Republicans and focus more on their own voters and supporters…