BLM Activist Says “Listen To Us…Or You Can Get Run Over”

( Video footage shows how a Black Lives Matter activist gave a speech in Chicago earlier this week criticizing Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, swearing a lot, and then telling people who don’t support their group will get run over.

Black Lives Matter, the revolutionary neo-Marxist organization that advocates discrimination against white Americans, the destruction of the family unit, and reparations, is often praised by Democrats. The organization’s protests all over the country have descended into violence and chaos in every city in which they were held, but we only ever hear about how they are “mostly peaceful.”

Watch this video, though, and their motives become clear.

I mean, we’re assuming you haven’t seen the wealth of other footage out there showing the violence committed by BLM and Antifa activists. We’re talking blinding police officers with lasers, setting churches and police buildings on fire, and throwing explosives at federal courthouses. The works!

In the video, activist Taylor Norwood claims that Mayor Lori Lightfoot is denying people their right to vote, and “not protecting black women in this city.”

Mayor Lightfoot is not only a black woman but an extremely left-wing one at that. This only goes to show just how insatiable these activists are. If Mayor Lori Lightfoot isn’t extreme or radical enough for these people, despite supporting their movement, then who is?

“This is our city, our city, and we’re taking this sh*t back,” she said.

Not sure what exactly that entailed.

“We have demands and they need to be met and I feel like I’ve been saying this too much, we’re not asking you anything. We’re telling you what’s about to happen with your permission or not,” she added.

And Trump is the fascist?

“You can listen to us or you can get run over. And that’s all I have to say,” she ended.

OK. I want off this ride.