Bloomberg columnist called out for spreading fake news on Florida to hurt DeSantis

( Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis opened the first rapid-response unit in Jacksonville to treat COVID patience with the monoclonal antibody therapy known as Regeneron. When he announced the unit’s opening, the governor also promoted COVID vaccines, saying that treatments should work in conjunction with vaccinations.

But because the media has decided Ron DeSantis must be destroyed, even if they have to lie to do it, Bloomberg columnist Tim O’Brien railed against DeSantis for promoting monoclonal antibody treatment centers for those with COVID.

His reason? Because the Regeneron treatment “DeSantis is pushing” costs at least $1,250 per dose while the vaccines cost nothing.

The claim was wildly misleading. Neither the Regeneron treatment nor vaccines will cost Florida residents a penny. Governor DeSantis is offering the monoclonal antibody therapy for free in an effort to reduce hospitalizations.

Even Regeneron, the company responsible for the antibody treatment called out O’Brien for his inaccurate tweet, informing him that the federal government has also made the therapy free to patients, explaining that if those infected with COVID “qualify under the FDA’s emergency authorization,” they can get treated at no charge.

In response to O’Brien’s deeply dishonest tweet, Governor DeSantis office told Fox News that any claim that the Governor has political or financial reasons for expanding access to “lifesaving COVID-19 treatment” is “offensive and baseless.”

Instead, the Governor’s office countered that these attempts to smear Regeneron are “particularly dangerous” because the target audience for this kind of anti-DeSantis conspiracy theory, Democrat voters, may be discouraged from seeking the monoclonal antibody treatment.

The Governor’s office called attacks like O’Brien’s “unethical,” saying that the “health and well-being of their own followers doesn’t matter” so long as they can have an opportunity to smear DeSantis.

Meanwhile, the so-called “Democratic Underground” claimed in an Instagram post that one of Governor DeSantis’ top donors, Citadel Investment Group,” is the “second-largest investor in Regeneron.” The implication, of course, is that DeSantis launched this treatment to financially benefit a major political donor.

Even the Left-leaning Politifact rated that claim “mostly false.”

But it isn’t just leftist activists who are lying about Ron DeSantis. In his COVID address on Wednesday, President Biden claimed that governors are “banning masks” in schools. Nobody is banning masks. It’s a lie. Governors DeSantis and Abbott banned mask mandates; they didn’t ban masks.

In announcing his decision to bar schools from mandating the wearing of masks, Governor DeSantis made a point of saying that the decision on whether or not a child wears a mask in school should be left in the hands of the parents.