Bloomberg-Sanders SHOWDOWN: Former NYC Mayor Goes After Socialist In New Ad

( – Michael Bloomberg is battling hard to remain relevant so he can place in the Super Tuesday primaries, and his latest trick is going after frontrunner, socialist Bernie Sanders. A new campaign ad revealed on Monday and published on Twitter, accuses Sanders’ supporters of aggressive behavior.

The campaign video starts by asking, “Is Bernie Sanders’ angry army really what Democrats want?”

It then goes on to show a clip of Sanders saying, “It is vitally important for those of us who hold different views to be able to engage in a civil discourse.”

The video then asks, “REALLY?” before going on to show Sanders supporters tweeting insulting messages like telling other Democrats to “eat poop” and “shut up.”

Bloomberg knows that Super Tuesday is make or break for him, after not taking part in the early primary and caucus states. Along with the new campaign ad, Bloomberg asked, “We need to unite to defeat Trump in November…This type of ‘energy’ is not going to get us there.”

Sanders supporters have questioned the legitimacy of the campaign video, noting the fact that the usernames of those quoted have been blurred. However, it is entirely possible that the decision to blur those names was made to ensure they did not also become the victims of online harassment campaigns.

We all know how vicious Democrats can be, even to members of their own party!

The video even shows personal text message exchanges which appear to be between “Bernie Bros” and members of the Bloomberg campaign team.

Bloomberg has spent some $400 million on his presidential campaign so far, and it looks like it’s beginning to pay off. Elizabeth Warren has claimed he is buying his way into the debate and told her supporters they’ll see her face up to another “egomaniac billionaire” on the debate stage.

Warren’s comments came after it was announced that Bloomberg had qualified to appear in the debates on Wednesday in Las Vegas.