Britain’s Fresh Lockdown Could Last Another YEAR, Boris Johnson Promises “Hard Winter”

( In what sounds like something Joe Biden would say, and not a conservative Prime Minister, Boris Johnson warned the United Kingdom this week that lockdowns in the country won’t end until vaccines are fully available and could last another year.

Prime Minister Johnson, who has drawn a huge amount of criticism over the last year for his decision to lock down the country twice, also warned the British people that they face a “hard winter” ahead.

It comes as one of the country’s top science advisors warned that even with the vaccine, the COVID-19 virus could mutate and outperform the vaccinations available.

During a Downing Street press conference, Johnson laid out details of a new tiered system that will be implemented on December 2 after the country leaves its second lockdown. Under the system, a vast majority of the country will be locked down under Tier 2 and 3. That means pubs and bars that do not serve substantial meals will be forced to close in Tier 2, and in Tier 3, they will be forced to close altogether.

Just two remote parts of the United Kingdom – Cornwall and the Isle of Wight – appear to be the only places that will be classified Tier 1, which allows pubs and bars to open.

In the same press conference, Johnson said that there was no likelihood that the lockdown would be ending any time soon, and that it would only be by spring that there may be an end to “this era of restrictions.” For many places in the United Kingdom, that could mean the hospitality industry being completely shut for four or five more months.

Following the Prime Minister’s speech, scientific advisor Patrick Vallance described how viruses often mutate to survive and suggested that the coronavirus could mutate and defeat the vaccine.

“It is possible that as the vaccines work, and they put pressure on the virus, that the virus mutates and other forms arise that would require new vaccines in due course,” he explained. “So I don’t think it is the case that the vaccines we have now will be the ones we have forever, we may have to get new ones.”

Depressing, much?