British Minister: Prepare For SATELLITE WAR With Russia and China

( The British government’s Defence Minister Ben Wallace said this week that the United Kingdom must evolve its current defense capabilities and prepare to respond to the growing threats from hostile countries like China and Russia.

On Wednesday, Wallace addressed the Air and Space Power conference to discuss the future of British combat air system. He said that the government’s aim is to better prepare for modern warfare with hostile actors. He said the UK’s strategy “requires a rebalancing from Industrial Age to Information Age capabilities,” suggesting the Conservative government will invest in cyber, space, and electronic warfare.

He also made reference to greater investments in AI, autonomy, and robotics.

“The global picture has changed,” he said. “Threats are coming from all different angles.”

Wallace said that the UK will prepare for the “air and space environment of 2030, 2040 or even 2050” and will think about the role the air and space forces will play.

Cyberwarfare is unquestionably one of the most pressing areas of defense for major Western governments. The use of cyberwarfare and AI in the form of unmanned aerial vehicles is widespread. These pose a threat to national security, and means the United Kingdom is under threat if they are not as “nimble” as their rivals, Wallace said.

It’s a stark warning to the United States, too, that the nation’s allies over the Atlantic are preparing for conflict with Russia and China. Thankfully, President Donald Trump has heavily invested in the United States Armed Forces over the last four years.

Wallace explicitly referenced China and Russia in the speech, saying that they know that “Russia and China are developing offensive weapons in space.”

He described it as a “major cause for concern given that satellites don’t just provide our global communications, critical intelligence, and surveillance and navigation, but underpin our critical national infrastructure from mobile phones to cash points, to the stock market.”

Interestingly, accusations about Russian interference always say the Russians are working to support the Conservatives in the UK and the Republicans in the USA…but these are the two parties visibly doing the most to stand up to Russia!