Buttigieg Says We Should Thank OBAMA for Trump’s Historic Economic Achievements

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Remember just a few months ago before the Chinese coronavirus destroyed the world economy? The United States was enjoying a 50-year low in unemployment, black and Latino people had the biggest jobs boom in history, and the economy was doing great.

It all started happening after Trump signed historic legislation that cut taxes and regulation for American business, incentivized hiring in America, and brought back jobs that were slowly trickling to other, smaller economies. But Pete Buttigieg, the former Indiana mayor and failed presidential candidate, seems to think we should be thanking former President Barack Obama for all that.

During Sunday’s episode of “Meet the Press” on NBC, Buttigieg said President Trump didn’t improve the economy, claiming that he “rode the tail end of the Obama-Biden economic recovery.”

Which is interesting, given the Obama administration oversaw the slowest economic recovery in history. After all, it’s hard to heal an economy by refusing to slash taxes in any meaningful way, and introducing more red tape.

“Let’s look at the economy,” he said. “Look, the president is not good at much, but he is very good for taking credit for having ridden the tail end of the Obama-Biden economic recovery, but even pre-pandemic we were having a lot of trouble especially in my part of the country, the industrial Midwest, manufacturing was going into recession,” he claimed.

Does he mean the manufacturing industry that Obama signed away to China? If the economic recovery is all thanks to Obama, aren’t those problems Obama’s fault too?

“The economy is in such a precarious shape, unprecedented unemployment numbers, unbelievable pain that people are experiencing and because of the inaction of this White House, but that’s likely to get worse as we go into the fall,” he claimed, ignoring all the evidence that suggests otherwise.

New unemployment claims have dropped significantly in recent weeks, businesses are beginning to operate again, and as lockdown is slowly lifted, the economy is recovering. We’ll see just how accurate Buttigieg’s claims are as we go into the fall. Who wants to bet his prediction is entirely wrong?

Pete Buttigieg isn’t good at much, but he’s definitely good at helping Obama take credit for things he didn’t do.

Hey, Obama, see that economy? You didn’t build that!