Buzzfeed Inaccurately Claims Hunter Biden Emails Were “Stolen”

( Left-wing news outlet Buzzfeed inaccurately claimed that the emails obtained from a laptop understood to belong to Hunter Biden were “stolen,” in a report published Thursday night. The outlet claimed that the computer hard drive, which was recovered from a Delaware computer repair store, was illegally obtained and the emails were stolen without Biden’s permission.

“For two weeks Trump and his supporters have latched on with new vigor to the narrative – enabled in part by the opinion sections of Rupert Murdoch’s two main US newspapers – that involves stolen emails and screenshots of DMs of questionable provenance,” the outlet inaccurately claimed.

“To give an idea of just how confused the narrative is, hours after the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed section published a piece blasting Biden Thursday night, its news division essentially published a debunk,” Buzzfeed added.

The problem here is that the story has not been debunked, and the emails were not stolen. Documents that feature Hunter Biden’s signature show that the son of the Democratic presidential candidate signed away his laptop to a Delaware computer repair specialist. After the computer was repaired, Biden never returned to pay for the service or pick up the laptop.

Under the contract signed, the item legally became “abandoned property.” It was only at this point that the computer repair specialist accessed the hardware and handed it over to the FBI and the media.

In the first story about the emails, published by the New York Post, it was explained how the laptop was dropped off in 2019, but never retrieved.

Buzzfeed did not provide any evidence to suggest that the emails were stolen, and all existing evidence shows that they were not.

The Buzzfeed story ironically claims that President Trump’s “final campaign strategy is to spread a bunch of misinformation about Joe Biden, his son, and Ukraine.” However, all the evidence so far suggests that the emails are authentic. A former business associate of Hunter and Joe Biden also came forward just an hour before the final presidential debate on Thursday to vouch for the authenticity of the emails and said he would be providing more evidence of the communication to the FBI.

If Buzzfeed’s reports are accurate, then it means that the news outlet has new, never-before-seen evidence that proves the emails are not real. Will the outlet provide this information to the FBI?