Caitlyn Jenner Reveals She’s Moving On On Fox News

( Caitlyn Jenner has many critics, but she isn’t taking what they say to heart.

While speaking with Fox News host Sean Hannity recently, she said “I move on” when it comes to what her critics say.

Jenner recently announced that she would be running for governor in California as a Republican. That elicited an angry reaction from some members of the LGBTQ community, who don’t believe she is a good role model for transgender people.

The community became very upset with Jenner after she said she is against transgender girls competing in girls’ sports at school. She called such a thing “a question of fairness.”

Jenner herself is a former Gold Medal winner in the men’s Olympic decathlon in 1976. Many people today know her, though, as a reality TV star on the famous “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reality TV show.

With Hannity, Jenner discussed her role as a transgender role model. She lamented what is a high suicide rate within the LGBTQ community, adding:

“For me to be a role model for them, to be out there, I am running for governor of the state of California, who would ever thunk that? We’ve never even had a woman governor.”

Hannity responded: “But some are mad at you.”

Jenner then shook her head before saying: “I move on.”

During the interview, Jenner also professed her support for former President Donald Trump. Specifically, she mentioned his border wall as a project that needs to be finished. She said:

“We can’t have a state, we can’t have a country without a secure wall.”

Jenner recognizes that she is a newcomer to politics and would need to surround herself with experienced and smart politicians if she were to be successful. She has already worked with some former Trump campaign officials to help her with her own campaign.

She said that in her administration, she’d “surround myself with some of the smartest people out there. I am an outsider. I understand that.”

To this point, Jenner has provided only brief details about how she would govern California if she were successful in winning election. She’s very active on Twitter and recently posted a video there as well as some literature on her own website that characterizes her as a “compassionate disrupter.”

For now, the focus of much of Jenner’s campaign materials have been introducing people to her story and who she is — for those who aren’t familiar with her or her background. She hasn’t yet gone into her policies or how she would govern. Those are the areas where many of her critics believe she will eventually fall short.

She’s done a good job of playing to Trump’s base, though, and a one-on-one interview with Hannity is certainly a good place to start. As Bill Whalen, a speechwriter for former Republican Governor Pete Wilson, said:

“For a candidate like Caitlyn Jenner to win, it has to be like a layered cake. The bottom layer has to be Trump supporters. Where do you go to get Trump supporters? Simple. Sean Hannity.”