CEO Forced To Step Down Over Pro-Life Views

( For committing the unforgiveable sin of being pro-life, the CEO of video game maker TripWire Interactive was forced to resign his position this week.

John Gibson, who has been with TripWire since its founding in 2005, tweeted out his praise for the Supreme Court decision not to intervene and block the Texas “Heartbeat” law from going into effect. In his tweet, Gibson admitted that he doesn’t often get political, however, he felt it was important “to go on the record” that he is a “pro-life game developer.”

In no time the outrage mob on Twitter unleashed its wrath, not just at Gibson, but at Tripwire as well.

And as the outrage reached a fever pitch, some of the companies that work with TripWire to develop video games, including Shipwright Studios and Torn Banner Studios, immediately began to distance themselves from Gibson – disavowing his pro-life position no doubt in hopes of keeping the outrage mob from turning its fury on them.

Torn Banner Studios sent out a mewling tweet assuring everyone that Gibson’s icky pro-life stance was not shared by them or “by our team.” They assured everyone that Gibson “stands in opposition to what we believe about women’s rights.” Meanwhile, Shipwright released a statement announcing that it was canceling its contracts with TripWire.

Finally, the Outrage Mob got its scalp.

On Monday, TripWire announced that John Gibson was leaving the company “effective immediately.” In its statement, TripWire reiterated that Gibson’s opinions “are his own” and do not reflect those of the company.

For the crime of being pro-life, Gibson was pilloried by the company he led. TripWire claimed in its statement that Gibson’s comments “disregarded the values of our whole team, our partners and much of our broader community.”

The fact is, Gibson’s position isn’t outside of the mainstream at all. A Rasmussen poll from this week shows that 46 percent of Americans support the Texas “Heartbeat” law while only 43 percent oppose it.

Gibson didn’t come out in favor of child sacrifice or bestiality. He merely said he was pro-life. But for supporting a law which 46 percent of the country supports, he was treated like some kind of perverse outcast.