Chamber Of Commerce Has Reportedly Left The Republican Party, Kevin McCarthy Says

( In a recent interview with Breitbart News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the US Chamber of Commerce no longer has a place in the Republican Party. And when Republicans retake the House, the Chamber will not be welcomed back into the fold.

McCarthy pointed out that Republicans didn’t kick the Chamber of Commerce. Instead, the US Chamber of Commerce left the Republican Party “a long time ago.” In the 2020 election, McCarthy said, the Chamber chose to support Democrat congressional candidates over Republicans, adding that support may have prevented Republicans from retaking the House.

The US Chamber of Commerce endorsed 23 House Democrats in 2020. If just five of those Chamber-backed Democrats had lost, Nancy Pelosi would’ve lost her gavel and the House would be in Republican hands today.

There has always been a disconnect between the Republican base and the corporate US Chamber of Commerce, most notably on immigration. While the Chamber pretends it rejected Republicans over the January 6 riot at the Capitol, in reality, they abandoned the Republican Party as soon as the Republicans grew a spine and took a stand against unfettered immigration and for border security.

What’s more, as McCarthy told Breitbart, Corporate America is becoming “woke.” Leftwing politics and ideology are infesting corporations and businesses to the point where they are now diametrically opposed to the Republicans’ America First agenda.

The Democrat Party has become the party of Corporate America and the wealthy while the Republican Party has become the party of the working class, which may explain why the US Chamber of Commerce has moved away from Republicans.

Watch McCarthy’s full interview with Breitbart News HERE.