Charlie Munger Praises Chinese Communist Party

( In an interview with CNBC, Charlie Munger, Vice Chairman of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, praised the Communist Chinese Government for how it dealt with Alibaba founder and China’s richest man, Jack Ma.

In October 2020, Ma gave a speech in Shanghai where he very bluntly criticized the Chinese financial industry. Days later, the Chinese killed his Ant IPO and summoned Ma to Beijing for “regulatory interviews.”

Then Ma effectively fell off the radar. Some suspected Chinese Government had him imprisoned. Others wondered if perhaps Ma had simply been killed.

Since October there have been six reported sightings of the billionaire.

Beijing published a brief video of an uncharacteristically subdued Ma giving what appears to be a speech, but no audience is shown and there is no indication of when and where the video “proof of life” was made.

But for Charlie Munger, this bizarre mystery of Jack Ma is an example of China doing the right thing.

To Munger’s way of thinking, having a man like Ma out there telling Chinese regulators “to hell with you” is not good. Thumbing his nose at the Communists got Ma exactly what he deserved.

Munger explained to CNBC that the “communists did the right thing” when they called Jack Ma in and said, “you aren’t gonna do it, sonny.”

Then Munger actually said he wants to bring Chinese financial regulation into the American financial regulatory system. Because apparently Munger has problems with the free enterprise system. Not enough control to keep these crazy people from participating.

Sounds like a real charmer.

To Munger’s way of thinking, Jack Ma apparently got what he deserved because “he’s one of the swingers.”

Watch the video clip HERE.

As Jesse Kelly often says, Communists are the same everywhere. They all want control whether through regulation or the barrel of a gun. And even breathlessly wealthy Americans like Charlie Munger can become enamored by that kind of power and control.

China doesn’t need to invade America to conquer it. Not when the powerful and wealthy are so willing to simply adopt the Chinese model here in the US.