China Bars Taiwan From World Health Assembly

( The Chinese Communist Party confirmed this week that Taiwan, the country in East Asia that is under the control of the Chinese government, will be banned from taking part in the World Health Assembly yet again.

It appears to be yet another attempt to punish the Chinese territory to standing up to Beijing and its efforts to assert further dominance over the island and dramatically change its democratic system of government.

Zhao Lijian, the Foreign Ministry spokesman for the Chinese government, said that Taiwan’s involvement in the World Health Organization summit “must be handled in accordance with the one-China principle.”

In short, it means that only China can attend the summit, and Taiwan will have zero representation because it is technically considered a part of China…even though its citizens, for the most part, oppose Chinese rule and have a vastly different medical and governmental system that allowed it to be more effective in its management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“China cannot agree to the Taiwan region’s participation in this year’s WHA,” the spokesman continued.

You may remember that Taiwan was banned from taking part in the summit last year, also, despite the country having some of the lowest infection rates in the world and having put in place stringent measures designed to stop the spread of the virus. The small territory was lauded as one of the most prepared places in the world…and yet still couldn’t contribute to the summit.

Officials from Taiwan have been lobbying to return to the summit for years no, but the Chinese Communist Party has not bowed to pressure from the country or from its Western allies.

The CCP spokesman claimed that ever since the Democratic Progressive Party came to power in Taiwan, it has placed a “political agenda” ahead of the best interests of the people in Taiwan…which is rich, coming from China.

Until Taiwan is independent, it looks like the country will have no involvement on the world stage and will not be able to provide its expertise to global health submits.