China Is Preparing To Replace Putin As Source Of Oil For Europe

( According to a rumor in the state-run tabloid Global Times, China has the ability to ship refined oil to Europe to make up for the natural gas that would have otherwise been lost due to the damaged Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic.

Reports show the operational Nord Stream 1 pipeline and the contentious Nord Stream 2, which was never utilized, experienced a number of “leaks” this week, leaving them useless. In order to warn ships to avoid the region due to the ferocity of the force churning the waves, the nations in possession of the marine zone where the leaks occurred uploaded videos of undersea eruptions of natural gas leftover in the pipelines from when they were on this week.

The pipelines link Europe to Russia, which had grown to control Europe’s supply of fossil fuels before Russia invaded Ukraine in February. Authorities confirmed this week that Nord Stream 2 was not operating when the leaks were discovered. But they warned that the damage is so severe that Europe is unlikely to receive any natural gas through the pipelines this winter, raising questions about the cost of heating or even the availability of fuel to heat homes. It’s possible that the pipes can’t be repaired.

Despite President Biden waiving sanctions on the project last year, against the wishes of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, they were never implemented for Nord Stream 2. In reaction to European sanctions related to the Ukraine war at the time of the leaks, Russia stopped selling natural gas to Europe through Nord Stream 1.

According to reports, several European states have claimed the explosions preceded the leaks, and the damage appeared to result from purposeful sabotage. Officials have not yet identified a clear cause for the damage. Russia and its adversaries have accused one another of sabotage.

Even though it is one of Russia’s closest partners, the Chinese Communist Party has not formally commented on the issue through its Foreign Ministry. However, state media has publicly predicted that it stands to profit if asked for oil.

Chinese state media has frequently reported on Chinese government efforts to get European countries to switch from Russian oil and gas to Chinese-made “renewable” energy items.  China has made significant investments in a sector intended to help Europe transition away from its reliance on Russia and toward China.

Why hasn’t anyone brought up China as a suspect in the pipeline sabotage?