China Launches Public Attack Against U.S.

( During last weekend’s G7 Summit in Cornwall, President Biden’s team sought to urge the other leaders to present a more united front standing up against China’s “non-market policies and human rights abuses.”

China was the main topic of discussion during a 90-minute closed session on Saturday. In order to prevent spying, participants were even required to relinquish their cell phones during the meeting.

In the 25-page communique following the meeting, the group said that in regard to China and “competition in the global economy,” the G7 would continue consulting on “collective approaches” to challenging China’s non-market policies and practices that “undermine the fair and transparent operation of the global economy.”

Additionally, the G7 leaders will promote their values by calling on China to respect the human rights and “fundamental freedoms” of both the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang and in the “semi-autonomous city” of Hong Kong.

At the close of the G7, President Biden explained that “working together with our allies” is the only way the US can “meet the global threats.” And, because the Biden White House always has to include a dig at Donald Trump, Biden added, “America is back at the table.”

None of this sat well with the Communist Chinese Party, however.

In response to the joint statement issued by G7 leaders, on Monday China’s embassy in London issued a scathing statement saying that these nations should be focused on cooperation rather than “harming” its interest.

The statement urged G7 members to “stop slandering China, stop interfering in China’s internal affairs, and stop harming China’s interests.”

Since the G7 also agreed that there should be a thorough investigation looking into the origins of COVID-19, the Chinese statement also warned against “politicizing” the coronavirus by looking into its origins. It accused politicians in both the US and other countries of “ignoring facts and science” by openly questioning or denying the conclusions of the World Health Organization’s so-called “investigation” into COVID’s origins released in March of this year.