China Locks Down ANOTHER City, Despite Claims Virus Under Control

(TheLibertyRevolution.Com)- The Chinese Communist Party wants us to think they’ve got a grip on the coronavirus outbreak, but after locking down another city on Thursday it’s clear the disease is still sweeping across the country. The communist government also built a makeshift hospital in the city of Suifenhe to treat the overwhelming number of people being diagnosed with COVID-19.

“China is opening a new field hospital in the city of Suifenhe, home to about 70,000 people, which was placed under lockdown yesterday morning,” CNN said. “The city, in China’s far northeast, lies right by the Russian border – and it has seen a recent spike.”

Now, in the city, residents are ordered to stay at home and just one citizen per household is allowed to leave their property to buy food once every three days. It’s quite a shift from the early days when video footage showed Chinese authorities forcing people to stay at home barricading doors and windows.

People were left to die in their homes of the respiratory virus.

In recent days, China has attempted to portray an image of being in control of the virus. Chinese state media heavily promoted footage of Wuhan reopening, with buildings lighting up in celebration. Several Chinese Twitter accounts also began sharing video footage of people enjoying the food and markets in Wuhan in what looked like advertisements from the tourist board.

The Chinese government is also reporting no new COVID-19 deaths for the first time since the beginning of the year, a claim that is statistically extremely unlikely given that the virus is still sweeping the country. This wouldn’t be the first time the country lied about coronavirus.

Regions across China are still struggling not just economically from the aftermath of the disease, but of the health problems being caused right now. According to Politico, the Henan province in central China has already instituted a full lockdown in an attempt to stop a second wave of the virus sweeping through the region.

The lockdowns still in place across the country include curfews and a strong military and police presence on the streets.