China Now Banning “Sissy Men” And Will Instead Promote Strong Male Characters

( The Chinese Communist Party is already known to be performing scientific and medical experiments as part of its goal to develop the strongest and most powerful military on the planet, and the recent decision to ban “sissy men” from television appears to be a fresh effort to promote masculinity as the country grows in size and influence.

Reports revealed last week how extremist authoritarian President Xi Jinping is expanding his grip over the national economy and society, crushing capitalist ventures and deciding how people appear on television. That includes cracking down on the presence of celebrities in everyday life and stopping feminine men from appearing in popular media.

The Chinese government told broadcasters on Thursday that they must now promote a “revolutionary culture” on the television and no longer allow effeminate male celebrities on the television.

Much like the West, China has a whole generation of young people who are increasingly detached from traditional gender roles, with men often appearing on television wearing makeup and women’s clothes. Think Harry Styles, but Chinese – and more of them.

Private companies across China are also facing increasing pressure to align with this new vision for China, and children’s access to online video games has also been restricted by the government recently. Children are no longer allowed to play video games for as long as they like – instead, they will be able to log into their gaming platform between 8pm and 8pm Friday through Sunday, meaning they will only have three hours of work to play games.

It might be an authoritarian way to do it…but perhaps this is one thing that the Chinese government is almost right about…

While China focuses its efforts on masculinity and academic performance, the West is focusing on gender studies, trans rights, and intersectionality.