China Paid $1 Million To Newspapers Pushing For Media Cartel Bill

( While the Senate Judiciary Committee struggles to approve a final version of the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), Breitbart News reported last week that many of the news outlets that support this garbage bill were among those paid by the state-run China Daily to publish “advertorials” on their pages.

The News Media Alliance, the trade association representing some of the most powerful media corporations, has lobbied hard in support of JCPA, a bill that Republican Senator Mike Lee has called “Obamacare for the press.”

Several big media conglomerates associated with the News Media Alliance are among those who accepted money from China Daily to run these CCP-propaganda “advertorials.”

FARA disclosures revealed that from May 2021 to October 2021, China Daily paid USA Today $57,500. In that same period, the Los Angeles Times received $375,207.50 from China Daily while the Chicago Tribune received $33,250.

From November 2021 to April 2022, USA Today received another $230,000 from China Daily while the Los Angeles Times received another $300,400, and the Chicago Tribune another $29,505.99.

Other newspapers that have received money from China Daily to run propaganda articles, the Seattle Times ($123,444.80) and the Boston Globe ($147,164.36), also support JCPA.

While the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act is billed as “bipartisan,” many conservative lawmakers are vehemently opposed to the legislation.

Along with Senator Lee, JCPA is fiercely opposed by Republican Judiciary members Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Tom Cotton of Arkansas. In the House, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan have spoken out against the bill as well.

Last week, North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis voiced his opposition to the bill as did Missouri Senator Josh Hawley.

Defenders of the legislation claim that the JCPA will help suppress so-called “misinformation.” But according to Senator Tom Cotton, since Democrat Jerry Nadler is the lead sponsor of the bill in the House, conservatives should know that “this cartel will censor conservatives.”