China Seeks To Override Washington With Subnational U.S. State Deals

( The Chinese Communist Government is making an end-run around US economic and trade restrictions with CCP by appealing directly to individual US states.

According to the CCP’s state-run news outlet Global Times, Chinese provinces and US states are working together to boost “subnational economic and trade cooperation.”

An online forum for economic and trade cooperation held over the weekend included 150 government officials and businesses. And among those attending were several Chinese provinces as well as politicians from California, New York, and Illinois.

New York State Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul was one attendee. She told the forum that post-COVID New York is “committed to promoting a win-win economic development.” Hochul boasted of New York State’s “long partnership” with China which she hopes to continue in the future.

Also in attendance was Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who told the forum the city’s post-COVID economic recovery plan includes investment in manufacturing, life sciences, transportation and food processing. Lightfoot, like Hochul, expressed an eagerness to cooperate with China over these sectors.

Seems rather akin to inviting the fox back into the henhouse after it killed all the chickens.

The US Economy cratered in 2020 because of a pandemic unleashed on the world from China. And while Western economies floundered and businesses were destroyed, China’s economy flourished.

In January, the American corporate media celebrated the news that, unlike the rest of the world, China’s economy was growing faster now than it did before the pandemic. In fact, it was the only major economy that grew during 2020.

In short, COVID was a bigger economic boost to China than it was to Amazon.

And yet American states are willing to continue forging cooperative relations with the country that caused the economic devastation these states now face.

Cooperation with China does not come without strings. Hollywood and the NBA are proof of that.

Over the weekend, Fast & Furious actor John Cena released an awkward video apologizing to the CCP for having the temerity to refer to Taiwan as a country.

Opening relations with China was supposed to expose China to Western values. But when a tough action star is forced to grovel for stepping out of line with the Chinese communist government all so his American movie franchise can tap the Chinese market, clearly the opposite has happened.