China Suggests Pipeline Deal May Be A “Forever Mystery”

( The Communist Party-approved experts, cited by Chinese state media Global Times, stated that the cause of the unusual leaks of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, formerly used to transport natural gas from Russia to Europe, may never be fully understood. However, they suspected the US was involved.

According to reports, natural gas started to spew out of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The corporation in charge of the pipeline speculated that it may have caused irreparable damage. Since Russia intensified its eight-year conflict with Ukraine in February, the Nord Stream pipelines have been the center of intense debate since Europe’s reliance on Russian gas has made it more difficult for it to act in support of Ukraine.

Before the war, President Joe Biden lifted sanctions placed on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline by his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, last year. Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, expressed his anger at the time, calling the decision confusing and disappointing.

Reports show Nord Stream 1 was not operating when the leaks started because of European sanctions against Russia, which forced Moscow to cease supplying gas to the continent.

According to several impacted European nations, the leaks are impossible without some sort of sabotage, and seismic activity suggests explosions occurred before the breaches.

According to reports, Russia has indicated it would request a meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the problem and has made hints that it believes the US government destroyed the pipeline. Europeans have speculated that Russia itself damaged its profitable pipeline.

Despite naming Moscow a close partner, China had not commented on the issue through its Foreign Ministry. China has declined to back Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Although none of the parties involved have used the word “accident,” The Global Times, which acts as the government’s unofficial mouthpiece, published two pieces on Wednesday and Thursday calling the incident an accident and blaming the United States.

The Global Times stated that the US was profiting from increased gas prices while supplying the EU, and it’s also feasible that certain US corporations may purchase gas originating in Russia, liquefy it, and then sell it to European customers for a profit.

The state media concluded in one of its analyses that the source of the leaks might never be revealed.

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Curiously, no one is blaming China for sabotaging the pipeline, as it has much to gain from selling its oil to Europe.