China To Impose New Shipping Rules In Disputed Waters

( China is plowing ahead with plans to tighten its control over the disputed waters in the South China Sea.

Apparently, some tough words from Vice President Kamala Harris during her recent trip to Vietnam weren’t enough to scare away the Chinese communists…who would have thought?

Reports reveal how the Chinese Communist Party and its various regulatory authorities are implementing new requirements for foreign ships entering the territory. A statement from Beijing revealed that all international ships entering the region must now inform the Chinese Maritime Safety Administration when they pass through the area to avoid conflict.

Ships must also declare their name, their position, and their call sign as well as any cargo they are carrying. The decision cements China’s assertion that they control and own the territory, despite the region being disputed by multiple Asian nations.

Vietnam and the Philippines also lay claim to large portions of the South China Sea, but Beijing had repeatedly refused to cooperate and insists it controls the area.

During her trip to Vietnam, Vice President Kamala Harris told the press that the United States would provide military and monetary assistance to Vietnam to assist in building the nation’s Naval capabilities to defend against China’s encroachment.

It comes as China continues to increase its military presence in the region, too.

The new regulations come into effect on September 1, but it is still unclear whether international ships will abide by the rules. If they do, it effectively cedes control of the region to the Chinese.

If they don’t…there’s no telling what the Chinese military may do to these ships as they pass through the region.