China’s Secret Agents Caught In America, Spying For China

( A citizen of the United States, together with four Chinese intelligence officials, has been accused of working as members of the Chinese secret police to harass, stalk, and spy on citizens of the United States who are critical of China.

According to court documents, Wang Shujun, 73, of Queens, New York; Feng He, also known as Boss He, of Guangdong; Jie Ji, of Qingdao; Ming Li, also known as Elder Tang and Little Li, of Guangdong; and Keqing Lu, also known as Boss Lu, of Qingdao, allegedly participated in an espionage and transnational repression scheme in the United States and abroad. The DOJ announced on Wednesday.

In March, Shujun Wang was taken into custody and charged with acting as an agent of the PRC government, criminal use of means of identification, and making materially false statements in connection with his participation in a transnational repression scheme orchestrated by the MSS.

According to the federal authorities, He, Ji, Li, and Lu are still at large.

Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen of the Justice Department’s National Security Division stated that they would not allow efforts by the PRC or any authoritarian regime to export oppressive practices to our nation. Olsen was speaking on behalf of the National Security Division.

The Justice Department issued a statement saying that these charges demonstrate the unwavering commitment of the Department to hold accountable all those who violate our laws in seeking to suppress dissenting voices within the United States and prevent our residents from exercising their lawful rights.

U.S. Attorney Breon Peace of the Eastern District of New York stated that just as alleged, Wang acted as a covert intelligence asset in his community, spying on and reporting sensitive information on prominent pro-democracy activists and organizations to his co-defendants, who are members of the Chinese government’s Ministry of State Security.

The Department of Justice said that the indictment exposes and disrupts an operation by the PRC that threatens the safety and freedom of Chinese nationals residing in the United States when their ideas and speech support democracy. Our agency and our law enforcement partners will maintain vigilance to foil any foreign espionage attempts directed at our people and communities.