Chinese Cargo Planes Reported Landing In Europe

( On Saturday, Chinese Air Force cargo aircraft delivered armaments to Europe, demonstrating China’s global reach.

Six Y-20 freight jets were monitored as they entered European airspace before landing in Belgrade, Serbia’s capital.

One fairly uncommon measure was included in the study, potentially reflecting Europe’s current state of strife. At least some of the planes’ chaff and flare countermeasures systems had their coverings removed, according to observers.

It appears that they were prepared with live countermeasures, which would indicate that they were anticipating a potential threat. It’s unclear what that danger would have been.

The planes mere existence would have been noteworthy. The Y-20s drew attention because they flew as a group rather than in a series of single-aircraft sorties.
In any case, the existence of Y-20s in Europe is still a relatively new development..

Serbian HQ-22 surface-to-air missile systems were being transported by Chinese jets.
Serbia will be the first European country to utilize Chinese missiles, a precedent that the US would not welcome amid escalating Sino-American tensions and the threat of a Russian invasion.

The mission showed a significant improvement in the People’s Liberation Army Air Force long-range strategic transport capabilities, as well as the intercontinental logistical support and maintenance capabilities of heavy transport aircraft.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced on Saturday that on Tuesday or Wednesday, he will exhibit “the newest pride” of his country’s military.

This large-scale sortie to deliver military equipment to Belgrade is yet another confirmation of the strategic airlift capability the PLAAF has obtained via its burgeoning Y-20 fleet, as well as an expanding operational knowledge as to how to put it to use.

The fact that a higher-end Chinese air defense system will be operating in Europe is another issue that will likely come to the chagrin of Serbia’s neighbors.

There are fears that Serbia would grow aggressive against Kosovo, a small country that was previously part of Serbia.

Kosovo is not recognized as a country by Serbia, Russia, or China. The United States and the majority of Europe do.