Chinese President Gives Very Scary Update About Relationship With Putin Regime 

( Chinese leader Xi Jinping met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, and the latter said he was open to the possibility of China’s proposal that would end the war in Ukraine. 

China and Russia are holding this summit to show themselves in a positive light to the world, especially western nations. Russia is apparently trying to show that it’s open to ending the war, while China wants to be seen as a party that’s remaining neutral in the war and dedicated to having it all end. 

The trip comes mysteriously only a few days after an arrest warrant was issued by a war crimes tribunal over accusations that he deported children from Ukraine illegally to Russia. 

Read outs from the meeting on Monday revealed that Putin told Xi that they’re “always open to negotiations,” even though it seems they have been anything but in the year-plus since the war has raged on. 

Yet, for all that came out of the meeting on Monday, U.S. officials are warning that the world shouldn’t be fooled by the moves that China is making. 

America has said that China is mulling over exporting arms to Russia to help support their war efforts, though China has denied those claims. 

For his part, Antony Blinken, the U.S. secretary of state, said that he was skeptical about Xi’s proposals to end the war in Ukraine. He said they could likely be seen just as a “stalling tactic” that would ultimately serve to help Russia. As he said in a statement: 

“Russia alone could end its war today. Until Russia does, we will stand united with Ukraine for as long as it takes. The world should not be fooled by any tactical move by Russia, supported by China or any other country, to freeze the war on its own terms.” 

U.S. officials said they would welcome diplomacy for “just and durable peace,” yet they’ve raised doubts regarding China trying to safeguard Ukraine’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity.” 

Blinken continued: 

“Any plan that does not prioritize this critical principle is a stalling tactic at best or is merely seeking to facilitate an unjust outcome. That is not constructive diplomacy. 

“Calling for a ceasefire that does not include the removal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory would effectively be supporting the ratification of Russian conquest.” 

Xi released a 12-point paper recently about the war in Ukraine, part of which called for dialogue between the two countries as well as a respect for their territorial sovereignty.  

While meeting with Putin, Xi said the two countries have “close ties” and “plenty of common objectives and tasks.” 

Those are not phrases that the United States and many other western nations are likely to see as showing objectivity in the matter. Rather, they would tend to show that China and Russia are in bed with each other, and have each other’s backs. 

The talks were set to resume on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week at least.