Chinese Reportedly Don’t Respect Joe Biden

( All the talk about a change in the White House resulting in a change in relations with some foreign entities was apparently all wrong.

On Sunday, an expert on China, Gordon Chang, told listeners to the radio program “The Cats Roundtable” that China doesn’t “respect” President Joe Biden. This will make it very hard for the new president to hold the Chinese accountable for any alleged human rights abuses, especially with the ongoing “money trail” to his son, Hunter.

As Chang said:

“They don’t respect him. We know this from voices that we’ve heard from Beijing — most infamously Professor Di Dongsheng of Renmin University, who gave his comments on November 28, where he was very explicit about what Chinese officials and others thought of Biden.

“Basically, he said that Beijing thought they could push Biden around. We got a sense of that January 23 when Chinese aircraft entered into Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone.”

Say what you will about former President Donald Trump, but he was in no way a pushover when it came to foreign affairs. He certainly wasn’t going to take acts of aggression laying down, and he even was the aggressor himself on many things that he thought were unfair to America — such as trade.

Chang told John Catsimatidis, the host of the radio show, that the Trump administration’s unpredictability and his trade war kept aggressions from China against the United States and the rest of the world at bay during his time in office.

As Chang said:

“China left the U.S. alone during the Trump years. They were very concerned about what Trump would do.

“Trump was unpredictable. China can deal with hostile leaders, but they have particular problems dealing with uncertainty. And Trump, to them, was uncertain — which is the reason why there was a relatively calm during the four years of Trump’s presidency. I think we’re going to see Beijing go after Biden in ways that they are really going to scare the world and terrify the Biden administration.”

To the Chinese, Biden seems like a pushover, someone who they could easily take advantage of. China doesn’t believe that the president’s administration would take action against them in certain circumstances, which makes them more willing to press the envelope.

Chang also said that Biden has angered the Chinese in the past. Most recently, he made “disgraceful” remarks at a town hall hosted by CNN. He suggested that China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslims was a function of different cultural “norms.” He said this is just an example of how China thinks it can “push Biden around.”

Chang continued:

“It’s not clear what Biden is going to do. During the campaign, he said he was going to be the human rights president when it came to China. But so far, we haven’t seen any evidence of that.”

What’s more, Biden’s son Hunter maintains a 10% business interest in Bohai Harvest RST, a private equity company based in Shanghai that will remain a “big issue.”

“That was a sweetheart deal,” Chang said. “It looks like it was arranged by the Communist Party. This is going to be a continuing story, because there’s a money trail. There’s going to be a lot that comes out in the next several months.”