Chinese Sociologist Says China Will Soon Wipe Out United States

( Reports suggest that a Chinese sociologist recently claimed during a forum speech that it was just a matter of time before China overtakes and puts an end to the United States of America. The comments made by Dr. Li Yi were published by research organization MEMRI TV.

It was notable that the group published the comments as their focus is typically on Islamic extremism and anti-Semitism, but the comments were so extreme and concerning that they chose to report them to the world.

“Chinese sociologist Dr. Li Yi said in an October 16, 2020 speech delivered at the Shenzhenwan Dialogue Forum in Shenzhen, China that China would overtake the United States in GDP by 2027, and that COVID-19 has been harmful to the U.S. and Europe but beneficial to China and North Korea,” MEMRI explained.

“Dr. Yi holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Illinois and according to his Linkedin account, he is a full-time professor at Renmin University in China. Following Dr. Yi’s October 16 speech, Renmin University issued a statement denying his employment at the university.”

The comments were not in any way innocent and did not simply refer to China’s economic rise. Instead, Yi suggested that GOD created the COVID-19 virus to help China beat other countries.

“It turns out that China is going to overtake the United States in 2027,” he said. “It was said that this might be delayed for a year or two, but this year, God has pulled off a little trick, right? God created COVID-19 and spread it to every country in the world.”

At this point, we thought it prudent to remind you that Joe Biden has praised China throughout his career, and recently announced that he would appoint Jake Sullivan as National Security Adviser. Sullivan is controversial as he has previously called for the United States to encourage China’s “rise.”

Dr. Yi also said that while COVID-19 is bad for America and Europe, it is “beneficial for North Korea and China.”

But perhaps the worst comment of all was:

“As long as 1.4 billion Chinese people eat, sleep, defecate, and urinate every day, as long as we go to work every day, we will drive the U.S. to its death.”

Under the Trump administration, China’s rise has not been encouraged or cheered. President Donald Trump has rebalanced trade with the communist nation through strict tariffs, but should Joe Biden become the next president, that is expected to change.

Do you support a friendlier relationship with China, when Chinese officials regularly make comments like these?