Chinese Spies Allowed To Operate On U.S. Soil by Federal Government

( A man named Lawrence Sellin is claiming there are thousands of Chinese scientists working in US laboratories.

In a post at the Gateway Pundit, Sellin alleges to have “direct evidence” that Chinese scientists have been coming to the US as part of an espionage operation run by Beijing. The “evidence” appears to be jpg images created by something called “Lude Media” that show a picture of a Chinese scientist along with the scientist’s so-called “National Security code name.”

Sellin cites one scientist, Shibo Jiang, whom he claims is a People’s Liberation Army scientist who acted as a contact between China’s biowarfare program and a network of Chinese scientists in the US.

Sellin alleges that Shibo spent twenty years in the US developing a network of scientific research with labs in the US. He notes that Shibo was a recipient of over $17 million in US grant money, much of it from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

He goes on to claim Shibo was actively collaborating with People’s Liberation Army labs during his time working in the US and he was also inviting Chinese military-linked scientists to work in his US lab.

It should be noted that Sellin provides no documented proof, no links to grant applications, nor anything to back up his allegations. This isn’t to say his allegations are false; just that they are unsubstantiated.

The only thing by way of “proof” Sellin provides in this Gateway Pundit post is “sources originating from inside China.”

These shadowy “sources” claim Shibo has been identified as an agent within China’s state security and has been assigned a code name “related to precious gems.”

Then Sellin’s post includes jpg images from this “Lude Media” showing the code name for Shibo Jiang, along with another Chinese scientist.

Sellin concludes his post by claiming “literally thousands” of Chinese scientists in the US are “directly or indirectly working with China’s military.” Again, while Sellin’s allegation may have merit, he offers no evidence to back up this claim.