Chris Christie Claims Trump Gave Him COVID

( According to Mark Meadows’ new book, former President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 six days earlier than he publicly revealed, meaning that the former president was COVID positive during his debate-prep for the first debate with Joe Biden. And now former Governor Chris Christie claims that Donald Trump is the one who gave him COVID-19.

In an interview with PBS’ “Firing Line,” Christie told host Margaret Hoover that it is undeniable that Trump gave him COVID when the two were prepping for the first presidential debate. Christie tested positive for COVID three days after the debate and became so ill, he ended up in intensive care.

Christie said he and his wife were stunned when they learned Meadows had revealed this in his book. He told Hoover that he couldn’t believe Meadows didn’t give him a heads up about Trump’s positive test back when he was helping prep him for the debate.

Hoover suggested that Christie didn’t think Trump would have told him. And Christie said Trump should have told everyone. And if not Trump, his chief of staff Mark Meadows had an obligation to tell them Trump had COVID.

Christie said if he had known Trump tested positive, he would’ve worn a mask during debate prep. Everyone involved in prepping for the debate was being tested every day. So if someone tested positive, they should have been told.

It bothered Christie that Mark Meadows let a COVID-positive Trump sit across from him for four days and neither Meadows nor Trump said a word to him. And even after he went to the hospital with COVID, Meadows didn’t tell him. Instead, Mark Meadows saved that information for his book which Christie thinks is “inexcusable.”

Christie confirmed to Hoover that he long suspected he contracted COVID from Trump because the former president was the only person Christie had close contact with whose testing regimen was unknown to him.

Hoover asked if Meadows’ revelation was confirmation that he was right to suspect Trump. Christie told her it is “undeniable.”

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