Chris Wallace Begs CNN To Make Project About His Interviews Attacking Trump

( During an awkward interaction on his CNN+ show, “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace,” CNN+ anchor Chris Wallace pressured a Hollywood producer to make a film about his encounters with former President Donald Trump.
Notably, Warner Bros. Discovery stated this week that the subscription streaming service CNN+ would be discontinued, putting Wallace, who left Fox News after 18 years to join CNN, in a challenging position.
Wallace said to his guest, Hollywood producer Brian Grazer, that he would like to pose a question. When they got to know each other a bit better, Grazer mentioned to Wallace that he believed Trump/Wallace might be a good fit for a project.
Wallace bringing up the matter on the CNN+ broadcast appeared to startle Grazer.
“Umm—,” said the producer.
Wallace pressed, “Did you actually believe that?”
Grazer said that his interviews with Trump were perfect.
“Thank you,” said Wallace, having gotten the compliment he was fishing for.
Grazer gave Wallace the happy ending he craved, saying that he could communicate frankly with Trump and get direct responses without any chip on his shoulder.
According to a transcript from NewsBusters, Wallace then appeared to try to corner Grazer to get the project concerning his interviews off the ground:
Wallace said, “So, maybe we’ll talk after the…”
Grazer said, “Yeah.”
Wallace finished the thought, saying, “the thing about going to do it.”
Grazer then deflected the pushy and embarrassing Wallace by suggesting he just do it live in a stadium.
“It would be amazing,” Grazer said.
The entire exchange put the “aw” in awkward.
Also, Wallace was humiliated when CNN+ took a giant faceplant earlier in the week.
In an interview published last week, the host whined that he was a “victim” of the fiasco.