Chuck Schumer Falsely Claims “The Election Is Not In Doubt”

( Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has long been an anti-Trump ideologue and activist, falsely said during a press conference on Thursday that the presidential election is “Not in doubt.” He made the claim as several federal court cases have been filed by the Trump campaign contesting the results and the methodology of counting votes, and hundreds of witnesses have signed sworn affidavits alleging wrongdoing at ballot counts.

“The election is not in doubt,” Schumer said at a press conference with anti-Trump antagonist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, claiming that concerns about election integrity were “nothing more than a temper tantrum by Republicans.”

The evidence, however, suggests the opposite.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has appeared on several news shows in the last week, proving media claims that “there is no evidence” of fraud wrong. On those shows, McEnany has shown hundreds of pages of sworn affidavits, which are legal documents and submittable as evidence n a court of law.

In a Twitter thread, McEnany revealed some of the affidavits, describing how eyewitnesses saw batches of ballots where a majority had the same signature, saw ballots being scanned several times, and even illegitimate and illegal votes being counted.

Lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign also allege that election officials stood in the way of the legal and legitimate ballot-counting process by blocking windows so ballot challengers could not observe counting.

The lawsuits could result in election results being overturned as a result of illegitimate votes being removed from the tally, or state-wide elections being confirmed as compromised by the Supreme Court. Chuck Schumer is either unaware of this, or is being purposely dishonest.

Not only did Schumer inaccurately suggest that the election was over, but far-left Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi also said that Biden had a “mandate” to now address problems the country faces and “grow the economy in a fair way.”

Get ready, people. If Biden does win this – and we don’t yet know that he has – then it sounds like taxes are going up.