Chuck Schumer Goes Blank During Important Interview

( As a way to appease the far Left base of the Democrat Party, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is pretending that Senate Democrats will be able to change the filibuster rules to force through votes on Build Back Better and their federal nullification of state election laws.

They don’t have the votes to change the rules and Schumer is well aware of that. But the far Left is demanding action, so Chuck is staging a lot of busy work and interviews to make them think their demands will be met.

As part of that ongoing effort to toss the far Left a bone, Schumer appeared on the odious Joy Reid’s program on MSNBC Monday night to pretend Democrats have a sliver of a chance to change the filibuster.

Schumer handed Reid his standard talking points, teasing that Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who have consistently opposed changing the filibuster, are open to changing the rules.

They aren’t.

Surprisingly, Reid was suspicious, demanding that Schumer provide her with “evidence” that Manchin or Sinema “care more about voting rights and democracy continuing than about the filibuster.”

What a drama queen.

Schumer claimed that both Sinema and Manchin have made public statements supporting the so-called “voting rights” legislation and want to find ways to get it done. Reid snapped “But why should we believe that?”

Out of the mouths of boobs.

Reid is right, the far Left has no reason to believe that. Schumer’s bloviating on changing the rules is pure Kabuki to appease the louder elements of the Left, including Joy Reid.

Then Schumer told Reid that three Democrat Senators are lobbying both Manchin and Sinema trying to strong-arm them into changing their position on the filibuster. But when he attempted to name three Democrat Senators, Schumer had trouble recalling their names.

He referred to Angus King as “Joe . . . Angus King.” Then, ummed and uh’d his way to Jon Tester’s name. And when he got to the third Senator (Tim Kaine), Schumer couldn’t for the life of him remember his name, calling him “um, uh, the senator, uh, from Virginia.”

Poor Tim Kaine. The former Democrat Vice-Presidential nominee must not be particularly memorable.