CNN Admits Border Whipping Story Is Completely Made Up

( Now that the lie has already gone halfway around the world, CNN’s Jake Tapper admitted on Sunday that “WhipGate” didn’t happen.

Too late, Jake. The damage is done.

Perhaps Jake Tapper forgot that among those perpetrating the “WhipGate” lie were people from CNN – including CNN contributor April Ryan, who badgered White House press secretary Jen Psaki over the Border Patrol “whipping” Haitian illegals in a press briefing last week.

It’s always fun watching Jake Tapper feign self-righteous indignation over something his own network is guilty of.

But let’s not just pick on Jake Tapper here.

On Monday, the New York Times finally issued a correction noting that the pictures of Border Patrol officers on horseback did not show them “strike at running migrants.” The Times admits that the earlier version of their article “overstated” the behavior of the officers on horseback.

“Overstated.” Yeah, that’s one way of putting it.

The Times concludes that they have “not seen conclusive evidence” that the officers were striking the Haitian illegals.

But, as most people realize by now, this is how the Fake News media works.

A lie goes viral on social media. “Journalists” pick up the lie and report it unquestioningly. Reporters then demand answers from the White House or whatever agency is involved as if the lie actually happened. Then the Biden administration “condemns” the actions that never happened. And the Fake News casserole is complete.

Then, long after the lie has served its purpose, the news media can admit it was all a lie. But by that point, it doesn’t matter anymore.

The Border Patrol officers have been suspended and are getting “investigated.” They’ve been vilified in the press, on cable news, and from the President himself.

But more importantly, thanks to that “WhipGate” lie setting off a fury among open borders activists, the Biden administration suspended deportations of the Haitian illegals and released over 12,000 of them into the country.

The lie accomplished its mission. So now the lie can be “debunked.”

Jake Tapper isn’t noble for admitting it was a lie because Jake Tapper knows the lie served its purpose and now there is no harm in telling the truth.

But the truth will fall on a lot of deaf ears.

A year from now, half the country will still believe the lie behind “WhipGate” – just like they still believe Donald Trump told people to drink bleach, or called Nazis “very fine people.”

No amount of “debunking” matters once the Fake News casserole has baked through.