CNN Is Blacklisting Term “The Big Lie” In Favor Of “Trump’s Election Lie”

( CNN’s new CEO, Chris Licht, has allegedly asked all employees to avoid using “the big lie” to criticize former President Donald Trump’s 2020 election fraud accusations, referring to it as a Democrat talking point or a bumper sticker.

According to Mediaite, the statement was repeated 168 times in the first half of June alone, making it one of the network’s most popular anti-Trump slogans. Brian Stelter and other network anchors prominently include it in graphic packages and chyrons in coverage of January 6 and the recent hearings.

Licht believes the phrase “the big lie” alludes to Hitler’s Nazi propaganda operations during the Third Reich. As a result, he opposes using the Democrat Party talking point.

As the network’s chief executive, Licht asked Stelter and other journalists to stop using the words in their reporting. He is said to have proposed the phrases “Trump’s election falsehood” or simply “election lie” as suitable substitutes.

Reports show this proposal is in addition to his plea to limit the usage of “BREAKING NEWS” graphics on so many of the network’s articles. The network’s misuse of the phrase, according to Licht, was theatrical and diminished the effect of important news when it did break.

CNN has been chastised for shifting away from news coverage and into drab opinion programming, where pundits earning seven and eight figures repeat woke talking points.

According to cable news reports, Licht is also believed to be eager to shift the well-resourced network’s coverage of the Ukraine crisis and other major foreign news events back to neutral territory.

During Licht’s brief stint, several Zucker-era employees have left, notably Andrew Morse, who supervised the launch of CNN’s failing streaming service, CNN+.
CNN+ was canceled by Licht in April, only weeks after it was introduced.

Chris Licht will not be able to accomplish any of his plans unless he gets rid of damn-near everyone at the network. Old biased habits die hard.