CNN Orders Staff to Stay Home Until September

(TheLibertyRevolution.Com)- Fake news media outlet CNN is being hit hard by the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and reportedly told staff that they won’t be returning to their offices until September. At least, that is, in any meaningful way.

An email sent to staff by CNN network chief Jeff Zucker was seen by The Daily Beast.

“It has been six weeks since most of us began working from home,” the letter reads. “The world has changed dramatically in that time, and so has the way CNN operates. Once again, I want to thank every one of you for your continued commitment to keeping us on the air and online. We have informed more people around the world about this global pandemic than any other news organization,” Zucker claims.

He’s definitely right about informing people about the pandemic, but he didn’t say how they had repeatedly attempted to discredit the president at a time when national unity is extremely important. CNN has cut away from White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefings, opting instead to show partisan panels of “experts” and pundits who criticize everything the president does.

“Our expectation is that the rest of you will not return before early September, with a few exceptions in July for newsgathering and some in August, depending on the political conventions,” Zucker told staff. “But, to be clear, production of our programs will continue from home, as is it is now [sic], until the end of the summer.”

Many of CNN’s on-air personalities have also been working from home recently, while others have continued hosting their shows from single-person studios in New York. Anchor Chris Cuomo has notably hosted his show from his basement at home for many weeks after being diagnosed with the coronavirus in March but caused controversy when he was caught out of quarantine and visiting his second home.

Cuomo was caught out of quarantine by a bike rider who was passing by and stopped to look at what was happening. The cyclist told the press that he told Cuomo he should be practicing social distancing, after seeing the news anchor with his wife, children, and another woman.