CNN Thinks It Has A “Trick” To Save The Network 

( CNN is in the throes of March Madness.  

The struggling news network is capitalizing on the yearly national preoccupation with the NCAA college basketball tournament and running ads touting itself. 

A 15-second commercial CNN is buying to air during tournament games takes a petty dig at Fox News, the cable news giant facing a $1.6 billion defamation action brought by Dominion Voting Systems. 

A voiceover says, “What should you expect of a news network?”  

“Some bury the truth while we fight to reveal the facts. The only side we are on is yours.” 

A montage of CNN personalities is then flashed on the screen as if they are models of journalistic integrity. 

In its conclusion, CNN’s ridiculously ironic slogan blares-  “The most trusted name in news.” 

CNN has a “side,” and it’s the side of the Democratic Party, and every sentient being knows it. It is well-known that during Zucker’s stint at CNN, the once-respected “news” network transformed into a de facto propaganda branch of the Democratic Party. 

Fox’s legal fight has nothing to do with CNN miraculously gaining integrity. That alone is enough to beclown the entire attempt to raise its stature. 

Also, CNN has a long history of putting politics ahead of journalistic ethics. One only has to look at the corrupt Chris Cuomo, who worked behind the scenes to bolster his scandal-ridden Democrat Governor brother, Andrew. 

The most prominent faces at CNN have spent years convincing the general public that the network favors liberal viewpoints. 

CNN should not be “trusted” in the traditional sense, and even leftists need to realize this. It’s “trusted” by the left because it strikes the right political tone, but the concept of it being an impartial source of information is absurd. 

The commercial is running as CNN is ready to observe the first anniversary of the catastrophe of CNN+, which redefined what it means to fail in the cable news industry. 

In a nutshell, the commercial backfires spectacularly.