Coach Just Wants His Job Back After Supreme Court Win

( After the United States Supreme Court ruled in his favor, the head coach of the high school football team, dismissed for praying on the 50-yard line, stated that all he wants is his job back.

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled by a 6 to 3 that firing Joseph Kennedy, a Christian, violated the safeguards for religious freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment.

A public high school in the Bremerton School District in the state of Washington employed Kennedy as a football coach until the year 2015 when he was placed on leave for conducting personal prayers at the 50-yard line after games. The incident occurred after games.

In an interview on Monday night on Fox News’s Hannity show, Kennedy referred to the victory as “a great sigh of relief” and stated that he felt “immense thanks” for the Supreme Court, his attorneys, and the people who supported him.

Kennedy asserted that all citizens of the United States ought to rejoice. This decision indicates the First Amendment is “alive and well for all Americans, persons of faith, different faiths, or no faith at all.”

Kennedy’s attorney, Kelly Shackelford, stated to Fox News that the coach is not looking for monetary compensation; instead, he simply wants his job back and to continue praying as he has.

According to Shackelford, one of the cool things that people don’t understand is that coach Kennedy didn’t ask for any money. All he wanted was his job as a football coach and to be allowed to say the 15- to 20-second prayer after the game.

The judge reiterated that all Kennedy sought was to return to what he had and be afforded his first amendment rights. He turned toward the school system and remarked that that is what he would receive unless they chose to disobey the Supreme Court.

According to his attorney, Kennedy has been working on his legal case for nearly six years. When Kennedy was asked whether he was seeking damages, he said that all he wanted was the “same liberties” that he fought for throughout his 20-year career in the Marine Corps.

Kennedy was ruled against by all three of the liberal judges. Justice Sonia Sotomayor stated in her dissenting opinion that it was improper for the Supreme Court to overlook Kennedy’s repeated “severe disruption of school functions.”

The function was over when Kennedy prayed. There was no “disruption.”